• Next Level SMG’s portfolio strategy approach simplified our product offerings. This made it easier for customers to find the product they needed, and it also took cost out of marketing and operations.

    Scott Phillips

    Vice President of Marketing
    Therma-Tru Doors

  • Next Level SMG got us unstuck; they took a complex brand architecture problem and helped chart a process to move our strategy forward

    Philippe Meyersohn

GM, Marketing and Training
    GE Appliances Canada

  • Peter led a team of strategists that successfully addressed our need to reposition and rebrand our global organization across 63 countries.

    Allan DeYoung

    Director of Marketing
    American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

  • Next Level SMG blends insight, pragmatism and genuine concern for client success; they are a valued partner in moving our organization forward.

    Rosina Racioppi

    President and Chief Executive
    Officer, WOMEN Unlimited

  • Next Level SMG worked around the globe to help our marketing teams streamline and better position our portfolio of 14 brands to seize regional and global opportunities.

    Mike Huie

    Global Business Unit Director
    KitchenAid Brand

  • Peter led a team that helped us rethink and reinvent the visitor experience as fun, immersive and participatory.

    Bob Wilburn

    Former President and CEO
    Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

  • Next Level SMG understands branding and marketing strategy, but they also know how to make change happen. They helped move the organization to a more strategic way of thinking.

    Bob Beard

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    UGI Corporation

  • Next Level SMG helped us understand consumer experiences and expectations that led to service innovations that are reshaping our industry.

    Jeff Artzi

    President and Chief Executive
    Officer, Brake Masters

Every brand tells a story.

Where it comes from, where it’s going, and the experience you can expect. The same is true for branding firms. Does this sound familiar?

A man is feeling directionless, so he goes to see a guru. He hikes for weeks and weeks, forsaking food, water and shelter. He crosses rivers, braves harsh weather and fights off animals. Finally, he climbs to the top of the mountain, where he finds the guru sitting all alone.

“Oh, great guru,” says the man, “please help me. I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m drowning in a sea of sameness.”

The guru looks up and says, “Well, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone…”

Next Level SMG is different.


We prefer down-to-earth to high–and–mighty.

Our experienced strategists stay engaged, approachable, easy to work with, and focused on your business.

We tailor our approach to your needs.

As objective guides, we help you peel back layers of information to uncover hidden truths about your markets and customers.

We view branding as a process, not a transaction.

We bring the rigor, insight, and commitment you’d expect from your own team, because the success of your company depends on it.

We are not interested in selling you an ad.

We help you find your answers and point you in the best direction, independent of logos and executions. Let the ad agencies take it from there.